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Mécénat Servier provides its partners with financial and human support through the voluntary contribution of the Servier Group's employees. The Charity Fund builds strong links with its partners based on two principles: true consideration of their needs through in-depth listening and a co-construction approach, and the desire that each opportunity to collaborate contributes to the common good.

In addition to a request for financial support, you can offer skills-based sponsorship missions for your association. You will thus be able to benefit from the expertise of the Group's employees, in the areas of commitment of Mécénat Servier.



There are two ways to apply:

  • 1

    Send your request for support directly on our site.

  • 2

    Respond to calls for projects that we launch every two years.

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Applications are then reviewed by the Selection Committee,
which meets every three months.

Selection criteria

To become a partner, your association must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a structure of general interest that is at least 2 years old

  • Be able to issue a tax receipt

  • Submit a project in line with at least one of the Charity Fund's areas of commitment

  • Carry out this project in partnership with other partners

  • The funding awarded by Mécénat Servier may not exceed 25% of the total project budget

  • Propose skills-based sponsorship missions with Servier sites around the world, or remotely

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Caring is acting with humanity.

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The association's mission Féminité Sans Abri is to fight against insecurity by collecting hygiene and beauty products and distributing them in the form of kits to homeless women.

The Cuomo Centre in Dakar helps children in need in Senegal by giving them access to treatment for heart surgery.

The Fondation Foch created in 1929, has always affirmed its humanist and social character to ensure that all patients at Foch Hospital, without social distinction, receive the best state-of-the-art medical and surgical care, but also the best conditions of care and comfort. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide access to a pioneering hospital in all therapeutic areas.

The Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation has been working for more than 50 years in Spain to improve the living conditions of people with mental disabilities through inclusion, by offering them dedicated training to obtain stable employment.

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The Handi-Cap-Prevention association collects caps to recycle them. The objective is to finance the equipment necessary to facilitate the daily life of disabled individuals and help them integrate into society.

The Helen Keller Europe charitable association is a leading humanitarian organization committed to fighting blindness, malnutrition, and diseases related to extreme poverty.

L’Arche offers mentally disabled people the chance to live in small homes in a community setting with other people committed to their care.

L’ENVOL offers children and adolescents facing the hardship of disease a psychosocial health program in addition to their medical treatment.

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La Maison de Parents Ferdinand Foch association provides a warm welcome for ambulatory patients and their families throughout the hospitalization period.

As part of the world’s oldest charity, the Ordre de Malte France welcomes, supports and treats vulnerable people and trains their caregivers.

The Physionoma association provides training to medical and paramedical health professionals on how to treat and rehabilitate people affected by noma: a bacterial infection that affects young children mainly in Africa.

Commit to suceed is one of the four key Values that drive the
Servier group.

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ACTION ENFANCE protects children in danger by welcoming children and adolescents entrusted by the juvenile court judge.

The "Arithmetic of Good Foundation" provides comprehensive support to orphaned children in Russia by encouraging social adjustment, advocating a healthy lifestyle and improving the quality of education received by these children.

Enfants d’Asie supports disadvantaged children in Southeast Asia towards a better future. It fights against anything that forces these children to stop school to give them the same chances of success as others.

The Real Pearl Foundation founded in 1999 in Hungary, identifies the learning difficulties of underprivileged children by implementing an adapted response through educational and artistic tools.

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Friends International works to protect children and young people in France and around the world. One of their programs is to promote Cambodia's access to professional training and employment in the beauty professions for marginalized women in Phnom Penh.

The Suresnes Community Social Action Centre (CCAC) offers cognitive stimulation workshops for seniors to introduce them to the use of digital tablets.

Le Rocher association aims to implement educational, social, and cultural actions for children, adolescents, adults, and families from difficult urban areas.

The Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) association specializes in the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social integration of young adults from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion in the Middle East.

Un Stage et Après helps young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods find their school internship and build their professional future.

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Grow by sharing.

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Amis de Jeudi Dimanche is dedicated to two solidarity actions. It offers a sailing programme open to all and in particular to young people in precarious situations. Similarly, the shipyard offers them an introductory course in seafaring professions.

Bolbec’s Espace Arc En Ciel is a place for initiatives carried out by residents, with the help of professionals, to implement actions for the entire Bolbec population. This place offers residents free activities accessible to all (walking, cooking, sewing, board games, manual activities, etc.).

Espérance Banlieues association was created to promote the development of independent (non-contract) schools in the heart of the French suburbs, adapted to the specific educational challenges of these territories in a situation of great educational urgency.

La Fondation de la 2ème Chance aims to support people who have faced difficult challenges in their lives and show a real desire to rebound.

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Les Restos du Cœur provide voluntary assistance to needy people in the food sector through access to free meals and participation in their social and economic integration as well as in any action against poverty.

Planète Urgence strengthens the autonomy of inhabitants and the protection of their environment through international solidarity missions completed over holidays.

The TECHO charitable association specializes in emergency housing programs aimed at reducing homelessness and vulnerability in slums. Their program aims to strengthen families and communities living in extreme poverty in 19 countries in South America.

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