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How to get involved?

Mécénat Servier encourages the individual and collective commitment of Servier Group employees.

This commitment takes several forms:

  • Skills-based sponsorship
  • Congé Solidaire®
  • L'ARRONDI sur salaire [rounding down salary]*
  • Solidarity seminars

All Group employees also have the option of suggesting to Mécénat Servier a partnership on a specific project with an association of which they are members.

*In France, since October 2019, L'ARRONDI sur salaire [rounding down salary] also allows employees to make a micro-donation to a partner association.

Skills-based sponsorship

Skills-based sponsorship allows Servier employees to be involved in associations during their working hours. Subsidiaries and sites are free to organize themselves to allocate time to their teams.

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Discover the missions
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In France, employees can each give four days per year
(two days offered by the company, two days set by the employee)*.

*Permanent and fixed-term employees with a contract greater than or equal to 1 year,
based in France, are eligible for this scheme (except interns, apprentices, expatriates, service providers, and temporary staff).

Instructions for use

  • 1

    Create your account on the platform.

  • 2

    Contact the association/country referent to choose the day(s) of the mission.

  • 3

    Apply for the mission that interests you.

    Discover the missions
  • 4

    The association/country referent validates the application.

  • 5

    Your manager validates the application.

  • 6

    The tripartite agreement is generated. For French employees, enter your absence in Chronos (50% MEC / 50% CP or RTT).

  • 7

    Carry out your mission.

  • 8

    Complete your end-of-mission assessment.

Congé Solidaire®

Congé Solidaire® is an international solidarity mission lasting two weeks, taken by employees during their vacation time. The missions are proposed by Planète Urgence and funded by Mécénat Servier.

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Access the dedicated website
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Permanent and fixed-term employees with a contract greater than or equal to 1 year are eligible for this scheme (except interns, apprentices, and work study participants).

See the downloadable presentation for more information on the devices.
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L'arrondi sur salaire

L'ARRONDI sur salaire (rounding down salary) allows Servier employees in France to make a monthly micro-donation to a general interest association, by the direct deduction of cents from their salary and possibly an additional €1 to €10.
As a sign of solidarity, Mécénat Servier matches this donation.

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L'ARRONDI sur salaire?
Access the dedicated website
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2021-2022 RESULTS:

The participation of 19% of employees in France resulted in the collection of €28,136.93, i.e., a total of €56,787.64 with the Mécénat Servier's matching contribution.

Solidarity Seminars

Developed by Mécénat Servier, solidarity seminars allow managers who so wish to act collectively within an association of their choice (day 1), before working on their own action plans (day 2). They thus reinforce the cohesion and commitment of the teams.

  • Cohesion with the association

  • Action plan

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